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Interview with Katy Evans

Hello readers!

Today, i have something amazing to tell you!

I had an incredible opportunity, i talked with Katy Evans! The amazing and lovely author of Real Series, Manwhore Series and her last one, The White House Series.

I asked her a few questions, so here are her amazing answers.

Warning, sorry if my english is bad, i'm still leraning ;)

Hope you enjoy it, keep reading!

Good night miss Evans, welcome to my blog. Thank you so much for accept a conversation with me. I have a few questions for you, feel free to skip some of them if you want. It’s fine by me.

Katy Evans: Thank you so much for having me over, it’s a pleasure to be here. J

  • This is a simple question but a really important one, when you realize that you wanted to be a writer?
Katy Evans: When I was about twelve or thirteen, I got hooked on the SWEET VALLEY HIGH books. When I read every single one of them, I jumped onto romance…I was swept away. Soon I began imagining stories of my own. I loved the way watching the hero and heroine fall in love made me feel, and I realized that this is what I wanted to do. Write romance.

  •  I liked that in the Real series you talk about bipolarity, what was your inspiration for that? What make you write about this mental disease?
     Katy Evans: Mental illness is deeply personal to me, having a close friend who has bipolar, and having had a few issues with mental illness myself. I loved how Remy brought those issues to life for me and gave me hope  and showed me the beauty about living with, and loving someone with, something similar.

  • Are you proud of Remy and Brooke’s evolution or you want to change some thing of them?
        Katy Evans: I’m very proud of Remy and Brooke, and I wouldn’t have their story any other way. I always felt as if I just discovered the story, not that I “CREATED” it. So its always felt natural and right to me.

  •    If you have to choose 2 words to describe the next characters, what words would you choose?
      Katy Evans:   Remy – fierce – protective
                      Brooke – real - human
                      Callan – Hot Smoker! :D
                      Livvy – sweet – funny
                     Tahoe – raw – tender
                     Gina – vulnerable – strong
                     Matthew – Mr. President! :D
                     Charlotte – hardworking – loyal 

John F. Kennedy Jr.
  •    I really like the concept of “Mr President”, I loved the story and characters so much!, What was your inspiration for create a story where the male character is running for president?
      Katy Evans: The ever sexy, very beloved JFK Jr. was my inspiration for MR. PREZ, and I had the best time doing research for the project. I never imagined I’d be writing a political book, but I blame Matthew and Charlotte for that.

Callan and Livvy's book

  • Can we expect a new book about Callan and Livvy?
Katy Evans: Not in the near future, but I’m working on a sexy new standalone I cannot wait to share in June!

  •  Do you have a future project that you can share with me?
     Katy Evans: More news about it shortly! It’s a brand new standalone with two incredible protagonists, set in New York, and it releases in June 20 2017. J

  •  If you have to pick one of your series, what are your favorite?
     Katy Evans: I love each of them for different reasons. Real series was the first…Manwhore series was the funnest to write…the White House series was a work of love and a wonderful challenge …. And now, I’m loving my new project too.

  •    My middle name is Rebeca, will you use it in a book? (you can skip this one, of course haha)
      Katy Evans: Oh! Well what a coincidence. My new heroine’s BFF has that very name. I’m hoping she’ll definitely get a book one day. (Me: OMFG DFKJSFKQWBDSB Wohooo \o/)

  •  What do you think about those countries (like mine, Venezuela) where writers have to silent their opinion because their government? 
    Katy Evans: I really value our freedom to express ourselves, so it’s always saddening and frustrating to hear of this essential human right being repressed by goverments. 

  • What you will say to someone to convince them to read your books?
Katy Evans: Hot heroes. Lots of kissing. What’s not to enjoy? J

  •  do you have a message for all your readers in Latin America?
    Katy Evans: Muchas gracias por sus increibles palabras y apoyo. Thank you for being such passionate, incredible readers. I wish I had the opportunity to meet each and every one of you some day.

Thank you so much for your time, it was a pleasure to me made these questions

Katy Evans: Thank you so much Rebeca, it was a pleasure being here! XOX

So, that was it! 

Did Miss Evans give you a reason to read her books? ;)

Read you in comments.

Love, K.

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