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Interview with Sylvain Reynard

Hello everyone!!!

This is my first post in english so i'm a little nervous, but here i go. And, sorry if my english is bad.

Almost one month ago, i had the pleasure of made some questions and send it to one of my favourite author, Sylvain Reynard, a few days later, he send me an email with the answers of that questions.

One of my best friends, Daniel, is helping me with the translation to Spanish, but we are too busy with the college right now, so you need to wait a few days more for the spanish version of this interview.

Well, Sylvain Reynard is the author of an amazing trilogy, about love, mistakes, redemption, apologies, faith, God and more (believe in me, i can continue). 

The books of "Gabriel's Inferno Trilogy" are:

1) Gabriel's Inferno
2) Gabriel's Rapture 
3) Gabriel's Redemption

(Hope you guys, read it soon, because that books are incredible, amazing, fantastic!.. SR is a genious, believe in me)

After this little introduction, let's go with the interview!

Hello SR, I’m Karlha, how are you? I’m so happy for this opportunity and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your time, it means a lot to me.

SR: "Buenos dias, Karlha, y muchas gracias."*

1.    Well, this is a simple question but I think it is important. At what moment in your life, you realized that writing was what you wanted to do?

SR: "I’ve always been a bit of a storyteller, but I didn’t think I would ever do it professionally.  All that changed when I began writing about The Professor and Julia. The reaction of readers was so positive, I changed my mind."

2.    One of my favorite books is “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde, and one day, Oscar said that Dorian, Lord Henry and Bassil were a part of him. Dorian, the guy that he wanted to be. Lord Henry, the kind of person that people thought that he were. And Bassil, the man that he really were. Then, Gabriel (Paul and The Prince) is (are) the kind of man that you wanted to be, is the man that you really are or is inspired by someone?

SR: "Gabriel, Paul, and The Prince are fictional characters. But each of them have their own virtues, which I try to emulate, and their own vices, which I try to avoid. One of the virtues they have in common is loyalty. I strive to be loyal to my friends. I think it’s a very important but often overlooked character quality."

3.    I’ve never read “The Divine Comedy” and I wasn’t really interested in reading it until I read your book. So, what is the special thing that made you say: this could be amazing for a modern romance story?

SR: "I think the story is beautiful. Even more beautiful, perhaps, is Dante’s “La Vita Nuova,” in which he describes his relationship with Beatrice and their encounters.The story is passionate but pure and it was the combination of the two that inspired me to write “Gabriel’s Inferno.”"

4.    The new Dan Brown’s book “Inferno” is about the secrets in “The Divine Comedy”. So, what’s you think about it? You’ve read it or you will read it?

SR: "I haven’t read it but I will."

5.    What means Gabriel and Julia for you? I meant, what is the meaning that they have in your life?.. or, how the Trilogy change your life?

SR: "Readers have been so enthusiastic and passionate about Gabriel and Julia. I have the readers to thank for the success of the novels. I continue to write for them, even in my new books, The Florentine series."

 Julia and Gabriel

6.    Are you proud of this characters and how they evolutionate? Would you change something of them?

SR: "I try to worry about the past because it can’t be changed. I’m proud of the novels and the way they were received by readers."

7.    If you could describe Gabriel, Julia, Paul and Christa with 1 word, which word would you choose?

SR: "Gabriel - Proud
        Julia - Sweet
        Paul - Noble
        Christa – Conniving

8.    If you had to convince someone to read your books, what would you say?... Would you introduce them to the Professor Emerson to convince them?

SR: "I think the Professor would like that …

I’d say that I wrote a love story about a Professor and his graduate student who share an interest in Italian culture and poetry and who share a mysterious connection."

9.    Why you use a pseudonym? Why not your real name? It has a special meaning the name you choose?

SR: "Yes. I lived a quiet life for many years before I published “Gabriel’s Inferno.” I’d like that quiet life to continue." 

10. If it were a possibility of a TV series of your book, which actor would you choose
to do Gabriel? (personally, I would like Henry Cavill, extra he is Superman and stuff)

SR: "I want to keep an open mind about this. Certainly, Henry Cavill’s readers have been very supportive. And I wrote a scene in “Gabriel’s Redemption” that honours their support."

 The Prince11. You know I have not read "The Prince" and "The Raven", but I'm curious, I would like to know how it happened or how it got the idea of connecting a contemporary love story of a paranormal story?... Because I swear for God, I never thought that a character that came in under a chapter would be so important in the future, I'm impressed.

SR: "I started writing “The Raven” a long time ago – before I wrote “Gabriel’s Redemption.” So I placed the character you’re referring to in the Gabriel book on purpose, knowing he would reappear in “The Prince” and “The Raven.”"

12. Has you some future projects that you can share with me?

SR: "Yes, thank you. I’m currently finishing the sequel to “The Raven.” After that, I’ll be working on the last book in The Florentine Series. Also, I have a couple of contemporary stories, as well."

13. How many languages you know? What is your favorite? And what called your attention to learn those languages?

SR: "I speak a few different languages, mostly because I enjoy it and I like to be able to great people with their own language. Spanish, for example, is a beautiful language and I have a lot of Spanish speaking readers around the world."

14. I know that you support a lot of charities and foundations, can you talk me about it?... How you convince the people to help with a cause?

SR: "Thank you for asking me.  I try to use my platform as a writer to draw attention to various causes and organization. Part of what I’m trying to do is to raise awareness so people in need will know where they can get help. Part of what I’m trying to do is to convince people to give time and money to help these organizations help others."

15. Thanks giving has passed but I like this question…  What are you thankful for?

SR: "I’m thankful for my home, for heat, for food & drink, friendship and family. And I’m very thankful to have readers from around the world"

16. Now, I have some questions from my friends Kenya and Thaisbeth:

·      Which writers admire or inspires you? And why?

SR: "I tend to like old novels – I admire Dickens and Dostoyevsky, Hugo and Tolstoy. Part of it has to do with the stories they tell and part of it has to do with how they tell a story."

·      What advice would you give to young people who want to enter the world of literature?

SR: "I have two pieces of advice. First, write every day. Second, find someone you trust and ask that person to give you constructive criticism about your writing."

·      At some point… Will you do a story of Gabriel and Julia as parents?

SR: "I’ve been thinking about writing another book about Gabriel and Julia but I want to think more about it first."

17. The last one is… What would you and the professor say to all you loyal readers in my country (Venezuela) and Latin America?.

SR: "We would say Buenos dias a todos, y muchas gracias."*

Thank you so much again!

SR: "It was my pleasure."

*Original Spanish

Well guys, this is all! And i just wanna say Thank you to my friends Thaisbeth and Kenya for their questions and their support.Thank you Victoria from "Ruffles and Restraints" for your amazing illustrations and for letting me use them here, i'm really thankful (you guys, has the link of her page on the pictures). And Thank you Sylvain for your time and your patience.

I Hope you, my dear readers, enjoy this interview and I hope you let your comments. See you later, bye!

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